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 Post subject: Mazda 3 MPS Aero 2008 True Red - Spares / Repairs
 Post Posted: Sun May 14, 2017 9:52 pm 
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Hi guys,

It is with extreme regret that I’m making my 2008 Madza 3 MPS Aero in true red available for sale as spares / repairs. I purchased the car in April 2013 with 27000 miles. It currently has 71795 miles. This car was absolutely cherished and maintained without thought to cost, which I will go into in more detail shortly.

The car was stolen on 8th May 2017 from my driveway; my house was broken into and one set of keys were taken – these were subsequently recovered however they have been impounded for evidence by the police. They are due to be released and I will soon have this other set of keys back in my possession. The car was not damaged in the initial burglary. Two days later it was involved in a police chase; it hit a post on the driver’s side rear panel – by the fuel cap – scrapped along parked cars across the driver’s side from the front door to the rear door. The passenger side front wheel mounted the curb and it came to a stop.
Luckily the passenger (one of three men involved in the burglary) was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident and head butted the windscreen causing a very large crack / smash in the top corner of the glass. He was arrested on site and this thought fills me with joy; though unfortunately the other two men escaped.

I will first go through the good aspects of the car as I believe they are numerous. Firstly the car has a full and extensive service history. Whilst the car was in my possession it was genuinely, without fail, only ever run on Shell V-Power Nitro petrol. It was only ever serviced using Millers Nanodrive CFS 5w-40NT full synthetic engine oil, Motul DOT 5.1 brake fluid and Millers CRX 75w-90 NT Competition full synthetic transmission oil. The car will come with one litre of Millers engine oil and three litres (in three x one litre bottles) of transmission oil.

Previous to the accident my car was washed every weekend with Autoglym and Meguiars products using two bucket method. It was clay barred several times a year, waxed and polished frequently. It really was in outstanding condition.

In my ownership alone I have accumulated 12 labour invoices totalling £3,706. This covered services, labour to fit modifications and a complete suspension refresh involving shocks, bushes and anti-roll bar links front and back. The car was also fully under sealed twice during my ownership to avoid corrosion from underneath.

There are a further five invoices for engine oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid totalling £448.
There are an additional three invoices covering the modifications on the car totalling £2,725 plus £290 import charges, plus £156 COBB tune by Freektune for a NET total of £3,171.

The gross total covering mods, servicing and labour charges amounts to £7,325.

As previously mentioned the car was serviced regularly and without thought to cost; the VVT is absolutely silent and the turbo has never shown a single sign of smoke. It pulls incredibly keenly with a huge power band and it made useable power all the way up to 6,500 rpm. The gearbox was smooth and the diff made no noise, this was maintained fastidiously to avoid the whining noises sometimes associated with these cars. The engine bay and associated items within it were all unharmed during the burglary and crash.

The car had the following mods which were carried out 7,000 miles ago:

Stoptech full brake kit including front and rear discs, pads and stainless steel brake lines - this gave the car really excellent stopping power, combined with the DOT 5.1 fluid the pedal was full of feel and very confidence inspiring. Whilst these were replaced I asked that my garage change the backing plates at the same time. These are completely undamaged and as expected have a huge amount of life left in them.

Koni STR.T dampers – these were mated to the standard Aero Eibach springs which created a very nicely judged, compliant ride that transformed how the car drove in day to day driving and whilst attacking a road. The front passenger side shock was dented slightly during the crash, the other three shocks are undamaged and in perfect working order.
Autotech HPFP – and absolute must for a modified MPS.

Cobb Tuning Accessport V3 – this was sadly stolen as part of the robbery. This item was locked to my car though not recovered, unfortunately. The car was tuned by Justin at Freektune in the US. Their work was absolutely top notch, with each revision the car got smoother, more efficient, more tractable and more powerful. To give an example of the excellent mapping, aside from the power, I was averaging 33 mpg (measured via mileage and fuel quantity, not OBD reading) over the 7,000 miles since the mods were added. The car is currently on revision E (fifth revision) and all map files will be sent via email to the buyer upon payment. I have informed the guys at Freektune as there was a final tune included in the package I purchased.

ATP 3 inch long down pipe with high flow cat – this is fully road legal, it removes one cat but comfortably passes MOT emissions tests. It’s an expensive item but the quality of the ATP design is really high. Whilst this was fitted I requested that the garage fit a new o2 sensor at an additional cost of £178. It removes a major block to making power in an MPS and with this fitted, once tuned, releases a huge amount of power.

Cobb Tuning rear motor mount – this, as a single mod, probably had the biggest transformative effect on the way the car felt and handled. It’s absolutely necessary for a tuned MPS but also endows the car with a great character. NVH is slightly more noticeable but it is a trade-off I would make 100 times out of 100, even if I wasn’t considering any power mods.

GFB Adjustable Blowoff valve – this part was always set to 100% recirc as I really didn’t want to encounter any issues that MPS would suffer from if set to VTA. Not a strictly necessary part at the power level I was running on the standard K04 turbo, but it looks great and even set to fully recirc, it makes a wonderful noise when paired with the next mod.

JBR Tru-3.0 wide path full aluminium intake system – this covers from cone filter back to turbo. As part of this modification, my garage moved the ECU to the front of the battery tray. This gave enough space to fit the intake. Whether under part throttle or full throttle this mod released a huge amount of noise from the turbo, it made absolutely every journey a complete joy.

At the time of the theft the car was driving on RX8 PZ Prodrive alloy wheels wearing Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres in 225/40/18 flavour. The alloy wheels cost me £350, I had them refurbed at a cost of £200. The Super Sports were fitted at the time of purchase and cost £150 each, or £600 for all four for a total Gross cost of £1,150. These alloys have only been in my possession for 7000 miles / June 2016. These costs have not been factored into those stated in the previous mods, labour etc. costs as they have been removed from the car but are available as part of a separate negotiation. The reason for this being, the front passenger wheel sustained heavy damage, splitting the alloy wheel in half and damaging the tyre beyond repair. As a result I only have three good alloys and tyres for sale. The three good alloys have some light curbing caused by the less than careful thieves whilst not in my ownership; though importantly, all are still perfectly round. All three tyres have excellent tread left; I wouldn’t have been anticipating changing them for at least another 10,000 miles.

A note about the Pilot Super Sport; these are by far and away the best tyre I have ever used on a car, perfectly capable in the winter, yet possessing huge grip in the summer. I won’t ever buy another tyre (though it seems I may now have to by the Pilot Sport 4S, which is the newest replacement).

The car is now running on the original MPS alloys, which are undamaged all round, though have some light curbing. These are all wearing Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres with 3mm tread remaining. These have been stored (correctly) in my garage since last June 2016. The car will also come with the original down pipe, original fuel pump, original air box, filter and associated pipework.

The service history on the car is as follows:
Service 1 2009: 7,327 miles
Service 2 2010: 11,216 miles
Service 3 2011: 18,455 miles
Service 4 2012: 23,913 miles
Service 5 2013: 30,497 miles
Service 6 2014: 37,224 miles
Service 7 2015: 47,452 miles
Service 8 2016: 60,464 miles

Since 2015 I changed jobs and increased the mileage I was undertaking – though this increased distance was covered on the motorway. As such I performed interim oil changes at 6,000 mile intervals, in conjunction with the “full” annual services at my garage. As such the oil was also changed at 53,000 miles and 66,000 miles. The oil needs to be changed roughly every 9,000 miles as per the service plan; at this interval this would mean a service was required at 75,000 miles. The car is currently on 71,800 miles.

The damage incurred is as follows:

The engine starts first time as always, no smoke on start-up and no untoward noises. Its behaviour and character have not changed. The radiator, intercooler and associated pipework are all undamaged. There are no leaks; oil, coolant or otherwise. It is completely undamaged and testament to Mazda’s build quality.

The suspension on the rear – both passenger and driver side - and on the front driver’s side is undamaged. The passenger side wheel took the brunt of the force, the PZ alloy was split, the tyre was damaged and the drive shaft broken. The force of the impact forced the wheel towards the rear of the car and dented the shock absorber. As a result of the broken drive shaft and relocation of the wheel, the car does not drive.

The front passenger side wing was damaged beyond repair and the front bumper at this joint was also damaged. The passenger side front light was smashed. The bonnet is slightly bent along the join with the front wing but is otherwise undamaged. The passenger side front door and rear door are both unmarked – they also feature Team Heko wind deflectors. The passenger side side-skirt was damaged. The passenger side rear three quarter panel is undamaged. The Aero wing mirror on this side is undamaged though, typically with the true red paint, the lacquer has peeled slightly.

The rear bumper has some light damage and would require a respray but is likely serviceable. The boot lid has a circular dent about 30 centimetres in diameter this has not broken the paint and could potentially be pulled straight. Neither fog light nor reverse light have been damaged. The rear spoiler is undamaged as is the roof. The exhaust is also undamaged and from the ATP long downpipe back is a standard MPS exhaust. Both rear brake light clusters are undamaged.

The driver’s side rear three quarter panel is damaged by the fuel cap, this has been dented and the paint split. This is unlikely to be repaired without major surgery. The driver’s side rear door is damaged beyond repair and now features a hole about the size of a tennis ball. The Team Heko wind deflector is present but snapped off. The driver’s side front door is dented and the paint broken, there is a scrape running the length of the door, it is not serviceable but Team Heko wind deflector is undamaged. The driver’s side front wing has a very light scuff that would likely buff out and is otherwise completely fine. The driver’s side side-skirt has no damage. The driver’s side Aero wing mirror has been snapped at the mounting point however the glass is undamaged and still tilts as per the controls inside the car – this could likely be repaired, though some paint scuffs mean a respray would be required. The driver’s side headlight is undamaged and works. Both front fog lights are undamaged and work.

Inside the car, the rear view mirror was broken off the windscreen by the forward motion of the non-seatbelt wearing thief. The airbags did not go off in the crash and as such, aside from the cracked windscreen and rear view mirror, the interior is completely unmarked. The driver’s side seat shows very little signs of wear, the passenger side even less and the rear passenger seats have zero wear. The door cards are all in good condition and all the electrics still work, including the air-con, radio and CD player (all 10 speakers / sub are perfect). The car turns on, as already noted and the power steering works as anticipated, though lock to lock compromised by the damage to the front passenger suspension. The boot liner, parcel shelf, spare wheel and jack are all present and correct. There are a set of MPS branded floor mats and a set of four MPS branded mud flaps in good condition.

I have tried to be as comprehensive as possible with this advert as I would like this to be as transparent for all parties. The theft was recorded with my insurer however the value of pay out was unacceptable to me and so I took the car back rather than pursue a claim. As such the car is NOT recorded as a write off. I obviously have all the correct documentation for ownership of the car and this will be transferred to the new owner. At present I only have one key for the car, the second key was impounded by the police forensics team as some kind of evidence was found on it. I have requested this be returned to me at the earliest opportunity and I will follow this up. The car is now back at home with me in the Halesowen area of Birmingham.

As previously stated the car does not drive due to the new position of the passenger side front wheel and broken drive shaft; so it will need to be picked up on a trailer. In my opinion the damage to the suspension / wheel area here and the damage to the rear driver’s side three quarter panel make this car unrepairable for road use. However there is a huge amount of value in this car for the right person, it is a shame that that person isn’t me.

I am asking for £2,500 for the car as it stands, with all mods and original MPS wheels / Pilot Sport 3’s, plus the Miller’s engine oil, transmission fluid, and original OEM components as outlined above. The PZ Prodrive alloys with excellent Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres I’m asking for £100 each or £260 for the three good ones as a “set”.

I am open to sensible offers from sensible people; obviously having recently had my house burgled and my pride and joy stolen my tolerance levels aren’t what they usually are. I know that won’t apply here; however the car will shortly be going on eBay and I’m preparing myself for the apocalyptic levels of idiocy usually encountered on there. I know there is a good community here and I would much rather my car goes to someone who will appreciate the value inherent in the vehicle and put it to good use.

There’s so much to go through here but I think I’ve covered everything off; I have tonnes of pictures from every angle and will be happy to provide as much detail for interested, genuine buyers as possible. I am in no way under pressure to sell as I have access to two other cars so I won’t entertain crazy offers however I am after a fair deal that satisfies both buying and selling parties. At present and for the foreseeable future I am not interested in breaking any of the mods from the car, aside from the PZ alloys as already noted. I am only interested in selling this as it currently stands.

As you will note, a huge amount of money has been spent on this car, including the purchase in 2013, I have spent the thick end of £16,000. I am very clearly not going to make anywhere near that money back, however I do think I have been fair with my expectation. High mileage, non-Aero cars with no mods start at £4k, with cars worth buying starting at £6k. However it isn't fair to compare my car with those; what you will be buying here is an exceptionally maintained motor, with fantastic, high quality, expensive modifications; a great braking system, fresh suspension and a very clean interior; ready to drop into a donor car, etc. etc.

The MOT on my car is until August 2017.

Thanks for reading, if there’s anything you would like to know that isn’t covered off here then please contact me and I’ll be happy to go into more detail. Feel free to contact me on here or via email at




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